bone bed From one of our visitors...
“[The quality of] instruction was superb! Our instructors were not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also teachers who built a relationship with us shared with us personally, ascertained where we were as learners, and began their instruction there. That’s a good teaching.
...I have always been interested in archeology. I saw “Raising the Mammoth” on TV and of course was interested in a personal inside story about such an “adventure”.
…What an incredible site and experience – both the scientific integrity of the facility and its personnel, but also such a warm, human element. You accepted us as members of your team. We belonged!”

Elderhostel, September 2004

Road Scholars Adventures in Lifelong Learning                                          




May 14-19 and September 24-29

Volunteer at work.

Enjoy the chance of a lifetime to work at the world-renowned Mammoth Site with expert bonebed and laboratory curators, geologists and paleontologist. According to principal investigator Dr. Larry Agenbroad, "The Mammoth Site is truly a gift from nature - our inheritance held in trust for over 26,000 years." Once gigantic mammoths roamed freely on the high plains of North America. Now their remains lay undisturbed, entombed in the earth. Scientists estimate that more than 100 mammoths have accumulated in this small area. Learn how to excavate, record and preserve fossil material along with a site-related field trip. Come, help further research efforts already initiated at the Mammoth Site and increase its role in mammoth research.

Program in association with South Dakota/Regional Traveling Studies.
Note: All excavation and lab work to be performed indoors at the 23,000 square foot climate-controlled facility. The building covers the entire sinkhole-dig site, visitor's center, classroom, offices and gift shop. Portions of the costs for this program may qualify as a tax-deductible gift. This program is offered in (Spring) May and (Fall) September. Participants must be able to stand, bend, lift pails of dirt (20-30 lbs) and kneel for extended time while participating in lab and excavation work. Physically demanding and active program.

Accommodations and Meals: Rooms are nonsmoking, all accessible without stairs, cable TV, guest laundry, no pool. All meals included. Fly into Rapid City airport (RAP); shuttle to site available for additional cost.

For more details, contact:
South Dakota/Regional Traveling Studies
Marilyn Hovland, Director of Road Scholar Programs at or call 1-605-348-1996


Road Scholar at or 1-877-426-8056 and ask for program under Service Learning #8925 Discovery of Mammoths-Wooly/Columbian: Preservation and Learning.